WordPress Security – Why it is Important?

WordPress Security – Why it is Important?

WordPress is the most famous and much adopted CMS of this time. Its familiarity makes it prone to attacks by hackers in various ways. WordPress security is an important concern for the WordPress community. Based on the recent findings every three out of five WordPress websites are being attacked by hackers. Hackers mostly look for WordPress websites and inject malicious code to those websites.

Following is the list of some problems when WordPress website is being attacked by hackers.

• Website is inaccessible to its users
• Showing third party content injected by virus
• Redirect to potentially harmful content and other websites
• stealing of your confidential data
• Modifying directory structure
• Exploiting user info and misuse of that info
• Asking about user personal info(e.g passwords, credit card info)
• Modifying product prices
• Black listing from Google due to suspicious activities
• Search engines do not list website
• Loss of page rank

Therefore, WordPress security has become an imperative concerns these days. Following are the major security concerns for WordPress that should be addressed by every WordPress owner to secure WordPress websites from being attacked.

• Reliable hosting
• Strong Passwords
• Preventing Brute Force Attacks
• Backups
• Two Factor Authentication
• Keeping Everything Updated
• Limiting access to FTP directories
• Captcha on all forms
• Rewrite admin URL ( remove wp database prefix)
• Firewall
• Prevent images from hotlinks

All these precautionary measures can strongly discourage hackers and protect your WordPress website. So that your association with WordPress would be fearless