Dreamweaver File Compare

Dreamweaver File Compare

Did you ever heard that dreamweaver can compare two files for changes ? neither did I until now. I was checking Adobe Dreamweaver CC the latest release and was checking if there is any new feature in preferences. I am not sure if it is an old feature or new but yes Dreamweaver File Compare option is there.

But the sad part is that it doesn’t allow you to compare actually, rather it uses a third party app.

Dreamweaver File Compare

This is quite simple You can easily get a free Dreamweaver File Compare tool from online. After Googling it I learned about a very simple application that works for Dreamweaver File Compare tool WinMergePortable, Its easy and works like a charm. After installing WinMergePortable in the Dreamweaver’s File Compare option locate the executable file of WinMergePortable and select it.

For Dreamweaver File Compare you have to work in Sites. If you haven’t created a site for your project you should create one as it wont work without it. Once you have created a site inside Dreamweaver all you have to do is mark files you want to compare inside that specific site and right-click on it and choose Compare Local Files. Here is a screenshot of how it will look once you do so

Dreamweaver Compare Files

As always in the end of this article i would say if you face any problem configuring this option in Dreamweaver please dont hasitate to write to me. I would love to try and help you and that will be a good way of helping others when they see any problem configuring Dreamweaver File Compare Option.