Web Development Changing Trends

October 4, 2016

Web Development Changing Trends

Over last 3 years I have seen major trends changing in Web Development Standards, with the rise of themes industry specially with the introduction of visual […]
October 4, 2016

Need a Store – Woocommerce Magento or Shopify ?

This is the most important question clients ask us when they discuss their requirements in initial phases, whether we should opt for Magento, shopify or woocommerce […]
March 31, 2014

PDO database connection in PHP

PHP Data Object is a Database Connection Abstraction Library for PHP 5. In this article i will explain you how to connect MySQL database using PDO […]
March 31, 2014

MYSQL Stored Procedure in PHP

A stored procedure is a segment of declarative SQL statements stored inside the database catalog. Stored procedures can help to improve web applications and reduce database […]
March 27, 2014

How to create SEO URLs from String in PHP

URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator.URLs or web address used to locate exact information page on the web like http://blog.webcomers.com/how-to-create it’s a URL , where how-to-create […]
March 8, 2014

Magento Category image in Header

Magento Category Image code does not work in header, here is a sample of default code you will want to use in header that doesnt work. […]
December 31, 2013

why not text-index or background-image-index ?

It actually came to my mind while applying background image to a button where i had to hide the text and only show the background image. […]
November 27, 2012

Skype and WAMP Port Conflict

After re-installing my Windows my wamp wasn’t working when Skype was connected because of Skype and WAMP server port conflict. So after trial and error to […]
September 27, 2012

Why responsive websites have more impact than regular websites ?

These days the most hot topic discussed between web designers and developers is “Responsive Websites” implementation. It was not so common an year ago but these […]
September 13, 2012

@font-face got better – integrate multiple fonts in a single CSS

I been asked a very common question by my reader on my blog as well as through other sources that if it is possible to add […]