11 SEO Tips to Boost online Sales on Black Friday and Cyber Monday  

11 SEO Tips to Boost online Sales on Black Friday and Cyber Monday  

Regardless of whether or your website is totally e-commerce or the internet face of your traditional business, a strong web presence is a must – especially if you want to appeal to clients on the two greatest events regarded as great online sales day, Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

On Black Friday and Cyber Monday in 2015, web stores enjoyed a rise in product sales of approximately 15 {1197d871b3640c07f1363a669d891f22f4178284910abd37b0b76b7a10d61d3b} over the prior year. Over 103 million clients invested more than 7.5 billion dollars online over the Thanksgiving holiday at end of the week, resulting in record-breaking product sales for web stores. 2016 is expected to be just as crazy, and Rene Kirschbaum, director of BlackFriday.fm, has already expected that “the Black Friday and the Cyber Monday are going to be biggest sales capturing days.”

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So how do you get your web website ready for the online purchasing event of the year, when Black Friday is only a few short weeks away? These 11 guidelines will help you prepare.

  1. Focus on Mobile Friendliness

Smartphone users are driving online product sales, and internet suppliers saw a 65 {1197d871b3640c07f1363a669d891f22f4178284910abd37b0b76b7a10d61d3b} surge in mobile buys in 2015 over 2014. According to DigitalEcommerce, mobile product sales included 36 {1197d871b3640c07f1363a669d891f22f4178284910abd37b0b76b7a10d61d3b} and 26 {1197d871b3640c07f1363a669d891f22f4178284910abd37b0b76b7a10d61d3b} of all online product sales on Black Friday and On the Cyber Monday respectively.

Not all of those buys are designed from the comfort of home either—according to Google’s 2016 review, mobile in-store queries are up more than 30 {1197d871b3640c07f1363a669d891f22f4178284910abd37b0b76b7a10d61d3b}, and 43 {1197d871b3640c07f1363a669d891f22f4178284910abd37b0b76b7a10d61d3b} of mobile electronic buys are composed by clients looking at those items in-store.

If you want to keep up these shopping days, ensure that you are offering your clients an excellent mobile experience and a smooth (preferably one-click) check out process. Prevent SEO problems that slow website and loading in pages, such as automatic carousel.

  1. Create Gift Cards and Promo Videosblack friday online gift cards

Another interesting tip from Google’s 2016 review is that 70 {1197d871b3640c07f1363a669d891f22f4178284910abd37b0b76b7a10d61d3b} of consumers begin purchasing without knowing what they’re going to buy. Curated gift guides are a good way to achieve these unsure shoppers—and if your guide’s on YouTube, even better! Google described that 68 {1197d871b3640c07f1363a669d891f22f4178284910abd37b0b76b7a10d61d3b} of smart phone customers seek YouTube when they searching goods to buy.

  1. Promote Content for Black Friday

Make sure your clients hear about your vacation product sales through your ad copy, email promotions, blog articles, and devoted squeeze webpages. Whenever possible, consist of the year in your news to assure clients that the product sales are current. You should also renovation your web website, so visitors immediately notice your upcoming product sales. You can even add a countdown timer to your home-page if you want to generate a sense of emergency.

  1. Analysis Shopping day-Specific Keywords

If you want your vacation promotions found, market and keyword and key phrase studies a must. SEO expert Dan Kern has a number of guidelines on this front side, including:

Look for Google Suggest to discover well-known vacation keywords: begin your question with “Black Friday” or “Cyber Thursday and add your topic.

Use the Related Searches feature to discover more keyword and key phrase phrases: the bottom of your Look for engine might lead you to queries you hadn’t considered.

Include “best” in your question phrase: your clients always want to choose a very great offers and gift options, so see if you can compete with any “best” keywords and words.

Target complete phrases: If you were looking for Black Friday and On the Cyber Monday offers, what would you type in?

If these guidelines aren’t enough, you can also use Look for engines Trends reports to see what other vacation keywords and words are well-known.

  1. Create Dedicated Getting Pages

Rebecca Lehmann, an expert Black Friday aggregator, told that maintaining a foreseeable website (e.g. “yoursite.com/blackfriday”) yearlong allows you to control search outcomes for that product term. While you only need to update this content twice annually, it’s crucial that the website stays indexable year long.

Depending on how extensive your promotions are, you can either combine your Black Friday product sales into one website or create two separate webpages for your two separate sales.

  1. Build Links to Your Black Friday Sales

You might not have time for a full-blown link-building campaign before Black Friday, but you can earn some last-minute exposure by increasing your outreach. You can contact prospects one-by-one or use some tools, that automatically discover and contact essential industry figures. Create a unique effort to get your website or microsite connected to by prominent curation sites, such as BlackFriday.com.

  1. Use Pictures to Sell Products

Optimizing your images and alt tags is simple best-practice advice for e-commerce stores, but focusing on holiday-specific keywords and words around Thanksgiving holiday end of the week will help clients discover the product sales. Put your market and keyword and key phrase research to work by adding them to the end of the image text.

  1. Put Beneficial Opinions Front and Center

Trust closes and assures are fantastic, but nothing increases consumer assurance quite like a good review. When a customer queries for a particular product, you want them to see your best reviews first-and-foremost. This is especially true on mobile platforms when clients would like an elect of assurance in-store before they decide to commit to a selling.

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  1. Highlight Your Exclusive Value Proposition

Your unique value undertaking (UVP) is the unique something that sets you apart from your competitors. Vague guarantees of “best in class services” won’t cut it—you need to provide something concrete such as price related, free supply on large items, or cash back assures. If you can provide a UVP unique to your product or items, even better.

  1. Incentivize Your Promotions

If you want to drive some last-minute visitors aimed at your web website, spring for paid ads including rewards for discussing. Giving away discount coupons and promotional products whenever someone shares your web website with a friend is a fantastic way to incentivize a visit to your e-commerce shop.

  1. Ensure Your Servers Can Manage the Crowds

The Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the greatest online purchasing days of the year, and the last thing you want is for your website to crash as clients come surging in. Make sure you have enough data transfer useage to deal with visitors rises, and enough RAM to cover website visitors. Verify your error records before the holidays arrive and fix any problems that might adversely impact website rate or UX.

Bonus Tip: Turn Periodic Shoppers into Repeat Buyers

What do you do when the vacation passion passes away down, and your seasonal customers drift away? Smart marketers, like www.webdigitalmarketers.com, use remarketing lists for search ads (RLSAs) to convert Black Friday bargain predators into regular clients. RLSAs help you optimize your Look for engines AdWords strategies to focus on particular clients (e.g. clients who invested a certain amount in your web store).

Final Thoughts

Customers are investing more and more annually on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but that wealth isn’t being distributed. While online product sales are higher than ever, PracticalEcommerce tells us that investing in-store was down 10 {1197d871b3640c07f1363a669d891f22f4178284910abd37b0b76b7a10d61d3b} in 2015 from 2014. Many traditional locations are choosing to close their doors on Thanksgiving holiday and let their online traditional do the hard work in their stead.

Above all else, remember that standard SEO practices apply—even during vacation product sales. You’ll enjoy the ideal outcomes if your website is well-organized and sensitive. Even insanely good selling prices won’t win you clients if they can’t access your web website. To prevent disaster, test your web website substantially before the Thanksgiving holiday end of the week rush strikes.

This year, Black Friday 2016 is on Nov 25th and the Cyber Monday2016 is on Nov 28th